Thursday, October 31, 2013

Trick or Treat?

  Happy Halloween!  I made this cute broom just in time for Halloween.  I have my candy ready to go so bring on the trick or treaters!  I do enjoy halloween and I love giving out candy to the neighborhood kids.  Can't wait to see what the popular costumes are for this year.  I'm guessing there will be quite a few duck dynasty kids.  

I was listening to the radio this morning and an advertisement came on about how the local kids could take their Halloween candy to this particular dentist who would give them $1.00 per pound for the candy (up to a max of $5).  The point being that they wanted kids to not eat the sugary sweets and to save their teeth, right?  Well at the end of the commercial they said this particular dentist was going to donate the Halloween candy and send it overseas to other needy children.  Hmmm....why would they send candy to other children when they don't think it is good for our own?  

Years ago when I was a kid we had Halloween parties in school, went trick or treating and got homemade popcorn balls and other such things.  Now there are no more Halloween parties, no more homemade popcorn balls and candy that has to be sorted through before kids can enjoy it.  I remember my brothers and sisters coming home and dumping our candy out on the floor to count and sort all of the wonderful treats.  We'd trade candies and then hide them so they couldn't steal ours.  We had so much fun back then.  We were never worried about BAD candy or too much candy for that matter.  We always ate in moderation and brushed our teeth before bed.  I think we turned out alright.  

May you all have a Happy Halloween and remember to brush your teeth tonight!

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