Sunday, March 27, 2011


Technology can be amazing or just down right daunting.  I have been working diligently on the Chivilla Bay website only to find out there is so much more with SEO, CSE, CPC, and more acronyms I am only beginning to learn.  Also, there are the new mobile tools and new shopping carts for mobile and facebook.  Aye Karumba!  I finally broke down and upgraded my cell phone to something called an "htc" with unlimited data...had fun tooling around for awhile but now I have to get to work and learn how to be more efficient.  I must admit I am missing my key pad...the touch screen is a little tougher and slower for my fat fingers.

I did manage to figure out the shopping cart feature for facebook although there have been some 'upgrades' made to the website by the host provider that always cause some display challenges.  I think I'll try to master the mobile shopping feature next.

Well I'm signing out for the night after a day of claiming my website and updating business pages.

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